Mammadova Gulchohra Huseyn - Rector of AzUAC, Doctor of Architecture, Honored Architect, Academician of the Azerbaijan Engineering Academy, Correspondent member International Architectural Academy of Eastern Countries, professor.

Mammadov Nurmammad Yashar oglu – Head of the Department of “Construction of En­gineering Systems and Structures” of the Azer­baijan University of Architecture and Con­struction, Chief editor of the scientific, tec­hnical and production journal "Ecology and Water Economy", Associate professor, Pro­fessor of the International Ecoenergy Aca­demy, academician of the İnternational Academy of Sciences and Life Activity Safety.

Musayev Zakir Samad – Dean of the faculty of “Water management and Engineering Com­mu­nication Systems” of AzUAC, professor of the department of "Amelioration and water economy construction", academician of the In­ter­na­tional Academy of Sciences of Ecology and Life Actvitiy Safety, ho­nored teacher of the Republic of Azerbaijan, fou­nder of the Ecology and Water Management jou­rnal

Mamadaliyeva Sevda Yusif - Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Republic, Correspondent member of National Academy of Sciences.

Feyziyev Hasan Gulu - Professor of the Department of "Construction of Engineering Systems and Structures" AzUAC, doctor of technical sciences.

Semko Alexander Vladimirovich - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Poltava Na-tional Technical University named after Yuri Kondratyuk, laureate of the State Premia of Ukraine, academician of the Academy of Civil Engineering, head of the department of “Architecture and urban construction'

'Vladimir Kulichikhin - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department "In­dus­tri­al Thermal Power Systems" at FSBEIHE, De­puty Editor-in-Chief of the journal "Re­lia­bi­lity and Energy Safety", Permanent Rep­resen­tative of the International Network of Technical Universities of Europe NESEFF in Russia, Academician and Vice-President of the Academy of Industrial Environment of the Russian Federation

Iskenderov Ramiz Aziz – Professor  of  the “Mechanics” department of AzUAC, doctor of sciences in mathematics, General Chair International Organization on “Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering” journal

Hagverdiyeva Tahira  Akhi – Professor of the “Materials Science” department of AzUAC, doctor of technical sciences, scienti­fic secretary of the Scientific Council of AzUAC

Ganbarov Elman Surkhay – Deputy director of “Melioration SRI" LLC of Azerbaijan “Amelioration and Water Management” JSC, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor

Imanov Ferda Ali – Baku State University – vice-rector on teaching organization and tr­a­i­ning technologies, doctor of geography, pro­fessor, chairman of the Azerbaijan Na­ti­onal Committee for UNESCO's Internati­onal Hydro­logical Program

Hajiyev Mukhlis Ahmed - Head of the Department of "Construction Structures" of AzUAC, doctor of technical sciences, professor.

Mustafayev Islam Israfil – Head of the Department of “Emergency Situations and Safety of Life Activity” of AzUAC, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, General Director of the Institute of Radiation Problems of ANAS, aca­de­mi­cian of the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology and Life Activity Safety

Aliev Bahram Huseyn - Professor of the De­part­ment of "Amelioration and water eco­no­my construction", AzUAC, Doctor of tech­ni­-cal Sciences, Direktor of the İnstitute “Ecolo­giy NACA”. 

Niykola Khlapuk - professor, Doctor of tec­hnical sciences, Director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Water Management and Environmental Engineering Rovno Nati­onal University of Water Resources and Environmental Management.

Latifov Fuad Seifeddin – Head of the depart­ment of “Higher mathematics” of AzUAC, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, full member of the “Turkish World Studies International Academy of Sciences” operating in Ankara since 2020, laureate of the International Gold Star

Eyvazov Eyvaz Mulki Director of the “Dra­­inage structures” laboratory of “Meli­ora­tion SRI” LLC, Doctor of technical Sciences, professor.

Gahramanli Yashar Veli – Professor of the “Amelioration and water economy cons­truc­tion” department of AzUAC, honored teacher of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Aliyev Fagan Gambar oglu – Head of the Department  of “Ecology” of the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, President of the International Academy of Ecoenergy, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honorary Professor of Oxford University, Member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences

Zeraetperver Aziz Huseyn - PhD in tech­ni­cal sciences, consulting engineer at Abran in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Zarbaliyev Mansur Sabir - Ass. Profes­sor of the department of "Amelioration and wa­ter economy construction", Candidate of tech­nical sciences.

Mursalov Aqil Ali - Ass. Professor of the department of  "Amelioration and water economy construction" , Candidate of technical sciences, responsible person for printing of "Ecology and water management" journal